mahabharata sloka

Sorrow which we share in common,
It is unwise to shed tears thereon;
It is prudent to find and forge some ways
To diagnose the cause to get rid of the ailment.

The Mahabharata (my translation from Sanskrit)

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Reflections on the Constitution of India


Krishna and his Bhagwat Gita

What I Believe [for our countrymen to reflect and act] Date: April 22, 2014

The Chinese Aggression: India’s dismal response

[An Extract from Shiva Kant Jha'a Autobiographical Memoir, On the Loom of Time pages 117-119 (Published by Taxmann, Delhi, in 2011]

Gopi Kant Jha: Autobiography of A Freedom Fighter

Gopi Kant Jha: Autobiography of A Freedom Fighter

Gopi Kant Jha: Autobiography of A Freedom Fighter (Appendix)

Note: The autobiography and appendix are of about 4.5MB and 2.7MB in size, respectively.
It might take a few minutes to load depending on your internet speed.



My Parlour: Current Legal Problems

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said a spider to a fly. "Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy"
Mary Howitt (1799-1888)

I have nothing to offer except a potpourri of hurriedly scribbled ideas in the unrevised text of some of my essays touching current legal problems. All the papers you will find littered in this old man's parlour have been written in shifting moods crisscrossed by hope and dismay, pain and pleasure. All these I have typed on my laptop stroking the keyboard with one finger, with God alone my assistant and guide in the whole endeavour that is just my labour of love.

I recall those moments of the dim past when my teachers (my father was one of them) had advised me not to be in the quest of 'perfection', whether in ideas or expressions, as in this 'imperfect' world such a quest merely drains energy without much reward. . I hold, when all is said, myself under eternal debt to them. My circumstances, about which I need not say, do not permit me to cast my look again on what my 'Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on' (to say in the suggestive words of Omar Khayyám as translated by by Edward Fitzgerald).

Dear readers, I would love to read your response whatever that be. I would be grateful to you if you e-mail me your valued comments on my ideas and expressions, my omissions and commissions so that if ever I get a chance to look at them at leisure, I would improve them acknowledging my debt to all my benefactors.


A. A summary of the Constitutional Provisions relevant to determine the reach and ambit of India's Treaty-Making Power

B. McDowell not interpreted right in Azadi Bachao and Vodafone

C. Azadi Bachao and Vodafone, and new Corporate Liberalism of Market-Driven Globalisation : A Critique

D. Raw Realities of our time and the Agenda of Neo-Liberal Paradigm

E. Azadi Bachao is impliedly overruled: hence, it seems, not good under Article 141 of our Constitution

F. Democratic Deficit in Treaty-Making

G. Conclusion - Suggestions for declaring Valid Treaty Making Procedure



(Pax Mercatus)


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DemocracyWatch India

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The Line of Action


The Great Constitutional and Legal Questions in the Vodafone Context

• My letter dated April 23, 2012 to the Hon’ble Finance Minister (download/view in pdf)

• Index pertaining to the Vodafone Matter

• Chapter I : A critical note on the propriety and legality of the Vodafone's notice to the Government of India, Vodafone Context: Invocation To The BIT: Vodafone Has No Case: Let Not Prickly Constitutional Questions Be Raised

• Chapter II: A note: Justifying the proposed retrospective amendments in the Income-Tax Act in the context of the Vodafone judgement

• My letter dated Jan 30, 2012 to the Hon’ble Finance Minister (download/view in pdf)

• Annexure to My letter dated Jan 30, 2012 to the Hon'ble Finance Minister (VODAFONE CASE: A CRITIQUE: The Reasons for which the Vodafone need not be accepted: Remedies against the decision to be explored)

On the Loom of Time
An Autobiographical Memoir of Shiva Kant Jha

"A fascinating life story beautifully rendered"

Noam Chomsky

Institute Professor & Professor ( Emeritus) of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SC Certificate of Honour given to Mr Shiva Kant Jha
Certificate of Honour given by Chief Justice of India on the Law Day Function for
authoring the book "On The Loom of Time: An Authobiographical Memoir" to Mr. Shiva Kant Jha.


On The Loom of Time


Shiva Kant Jha, M A, LL M, Advocate
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