- Introduction to DemocracyWatch India

Introduction to DemocracyWatch India

by Shiva Kant Jha

Date: July 9, 2012

uddhared atmana'tmanam
Na'tmanam avasadayet
atmai 'va hy atmano bandhur
atmai'va ripur atmanah.

The Bhagavad-Gita

Change Quote

("Almighty God will not change the condition of any people unless they bring about a change in themselves.")

The Holy Quoran

"Great innovations never come from above; they invariably come from below....[from] the much-derided silent folk of the land-those who are less infected with academic prejudices than great celebrities are wont to be."

Jung, C.G, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

I have set the following as the guiding norms in writing the critical comments on certain current topics of our common interest. You should not expect them to be scholarly and exhaustive expositions. Constraints, both of time and health, prevent me pursuing such high objectives. These would be my brief responses to the challenging topics which matter for our citizenry. My effort would be amply rewarded if it succeeds in stimulating your thoughts, good if you agree with them, best if you disagree with them if there be good reasons to do so. I think this sort of quest is both our right and duty. I hope the threads of thoughts can be carried to higher and higher ascents by persons abler than me. This is how we must explore truths and seek solutions in democracy. The effort of this humble self is wholly pro bono publico. I hope you will find the comments made with candour but always with utmost good faith. As the promotion of thoughts and culture to promote and protect our democracy to achieve the mission delineated in our great Constitution is our common and constant pursuit, let us resolve to pursue the ideals so felicitously expressed in the Mahabharata by the great Veda Vyasa in the pregnant words which I have quoted at the Homepage of my website . I render its import in English thus:

Sorrow which we share in common,
It is unwise to shed tears thereon;
It is prudent to find and forge some ways
To diagnose the cause to get rid of the ailment.

"Let a man lift himself by himself ; let him not degrade himself; for the Self alone is the friend of the self and the Self alone is the enemy of the self."

The Bhagavadgita VI. 5 ( Dr. S. Radhakrishnan's Translations)

("Almighty God will not change the condition of any people unless they bring about a change in themselves.") - Links on Shivakantjha - Links on Shivakantjha

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