- 'In a Nutshell' by Shiva Kant Jha

'In a Nutshell'

'In a Nutshell' - 14
May 14, 2012

The Clash of Civilization

'In a Nutshell' - 13
April 16, 2012

Corporate Crookery, Legal Conundrum & Moral Trough

'In a Nutshell' - 12
April 7, 2012

The present-day global states system under which our Constitution has to survive, and our courts are to work

'In a Nutshell' - 11
April 7, 2012

Introducion: An Apology

'In a Nutshell' - 10
April 7, 2012

What I had witnessed with iron in my soul: FDI, the Enchantress of the neoliberal economy before whom all else should break and bend

'In a Nutshell' - 9
April 7, 2012

FDI: No extraneous purpose can be pursued under our Constitution or the Income-tax Act, 1961

'In a Nutshell' - 8
April 7, 2012

FDI: It was not for the court to tread on the razor’s edge

'In a Nutshell' - 7
April 7, 2012

FDI & Our Consolidated Fund

'In a Nutshell' - 6
April 7, 2012

Vodafone: FDI: This craze at loggerheads with wisdom

'In a Nutshell' - 5
April 2, 2012

The prophets of doom and gloom, & their double standards
The foreign experts’ words sans wisdom

'In a Nutshell' - 4
April 2, 2012

No estoppels against the Constitution: I cannot believe that our P.M. can ever be guilty of constitutional solecism?

'In a Nutshell' - 3
April 2, 2012

The nature of the retrospective changes proposed in the Finance Bill, 2012: they say what is obvious

'In a Nutshell' - 2
March 29, 2012

The reach of the retrospective law in the Vodafone situation: my concise reflections

'In a Nutshell' - 1
March 20, 2012

Government within its rights to make retrospective law

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